Where You Come In…

If you like the app and want to provide feedback on features that are important to you, that’s the most I can ask for beyond your enjoying it and using it to streamline your event checkin process. I’ve listed some future enhancements above – some may be important to you, some not. There are, without doubt, features I’ve not even imagined that would be the most amazing feature for you. That’s what I’m interested in hearing from you. By the way, this app does not troll for ratings in the App store so rate it if you like, but you will never get a nag screen. Nag screens, like ads, distract from your experience with the app, so I’m excluding them.

The best way to request a feature is a tweet like:

wouldn’t it be cool to know the meaning of life, @whoshereapp?

I hope to hear all kinds of creative suggestions.