Really, the best place to start is to read Look at An Example to see how one might use Who’s Here. Beyond that, there a few small nuances, and you can always reach me on Twitter: @whoshereapp. I’ll be maintaining an FAQ on this page for frequently asked questions.


How Do I Delete An Event

Oh, glad you asked. If you are looking at the list of events, you can just swipe left on the event you want to delete and a delete button will appear. Press it and the event as well as it’s attendees will just be a memory. Be sure you want to do this before proceeding, as delete is a one-way street. You can’t have your event back again.

If you're not much into swiping gestures, just press the blue "More info" triangle at the right of the event cell. You'll see all the information about the event as well as the universal trash can icon. These have the same effect. Trash it and you dump not only the event but also its attendees.

How Do I Delete An Attendee

With people, you can also swipe left on the person you want to delete, press the delete button that appears, and presto! The person is gone.

You have one other path to deletion. Just as with events, you can press the “More info” button and then the trash can.

How Do I Show/Edit Things

Both events and people work the same way. Tap the blue "More info" button to display all the information about the event or person. If there is something you want to change, tap the "Edit" button and change at will.