About One Gray Cat

I’m an indie developer and have been for a number of years. I’ve worked on numerous Web projects and now am turning my attention to the iPhone and iPad. My goal is to create useful apps and make them available at a reasonable price.

As an indie, I’m not beholden to investors, shareholders, and so on. I work for the people who buy my app. And I hope that’s you!

Why One Gray Cat?

It would make sense that I named my company after … um … my cat. After all, cats do rule the Internet. Why not have them rule mobile devices? But gray? Well, my cat is gray. He’s not featured prominently on the ‘net playing with printers or doing undignified things cats wouldn’t want you to see. He’s just gray.

My Web development is Calico Web Development, which (as you can tell) was also named for a cat. It’s just tradition.